First Lead (when defending)

In NT lead your fourth highest card of your longest suit

In suit contracts the lead is intuitive but some to consider are

The suit you would like to lead back
Top of a sequence (say Q,J,10 lead Q)
Your partners suit if called
Through strength
Singleton (not a singleton trump)
Top of nothing
Lead an un-bid suit
A small card from your longest suit



Principles when playing the Hand


Make sure that your can get the lead in the hand where you have winners. Do not waste your entries.

Do not automatically lead out your aces - try and use them to cover the opponents Kings

In No Trumps

It is probably best to play your longest suit at every opportunity to try and make the last few tricks in that suit

Keep 'stops' in other suits until the end to stop your opponents running away with that suit

In trump contract 

Draw out all you opponents trumps first

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