Court Resurfacing

Several lorries used and a number of workers on site . 

Activity on the court


Two of these powered wheelbarrows were in constant use


A resurfacing sub committee was formed at the 1999 AGM, the members being Peter Bairstow, Robin Symonds, Wendy Mayell, Bernard McCartney and Ray Hatherly.

Points discussed were timing liaison, types of surface, cost, drainage, root damage etc

An LTA consultant gave advise on various aspects and the tender process and other clubs opinions were sought.

A concrete barrier was built at one end of court 1 to stop root damage in the future

It was decided that after a further year the courts would need to resurfaced. Because of maintenance the only practical surface would be tar macadam. New perimeter netting would be ordered but   existing fence posts re-painted and reused. 


Timing was discussed and it was thought that August would be best because

1) It had the best chance that  the surrounding ground would be dry and hard and thus able to withstand lorries. 

2) The tarmac would stay in a good condition for a longer time when the weather was good.  

Unfortunately the cricket club disagreed on August stating that they would rather continue with their home fixtures until end of August and then allow us to drive over the outfield.  This would give all winter for the outfield to recover.

The contractor chosen was Trevor May and the total price just over 21,000 inc VAT, and preparation work would commence about 25th August to meet the cricketers wishes. 

Court Resurfacing ..2

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